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CARisMA is a crossover guitar duo from Italy. Magdalena Kaltcheva and Carlo Corrieri mixed their extraordinary, different guitar techniques ...

Suzhou Culture and Arts Center

Nov 1, 2015 - Nov 1, 2015

80-240 yuan

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Anniversary Meeting Package

Regency Ballroom and The Residence are appointed with ad...

Hyatt Regency Suzhou
Jul 24 - Sep 24

Zhuang Nationality Culture Show

The ethnic Zhuang Nationality is the second largest nati...

Suzhou Museum
Aug 28 - Sep 25

Ballet Flamenco de Andalucia

Ballet Flamenco de Andalucia is a celebrated Spanish dan...

Suzhou Culture and Arts Center
Sep 26 - Sep 26

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Suzhou team joins top five in Model APEC China final

Aug 31|By Pan Zheng

The Suzhou team ranked among the top five teams in the China final of the 2015 Model APEC held last week in Beijing. A ...

Metro line to link Suzhou, Kunshan and Shanghai

Aug 31|By Pan Zheng

Atrocities of Japanese invaders frozen in images

Aug 28|By Pan Zheng

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Travel routes
Suzhou by Bike

Exploring Suzhou by getting on a bicycle and pedaling down the lanes.

One Night in Suzhou

Once night falls, a diverse facet of Suzhou beauty is illuminated under the city lights.

Suzhou by boat

Suzhou is second to none as a water excursion mecca.

Scaling famous hills

Visit Suzhou hills to explore a different territory.

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City Guide
Suzhou Metro

Suzhou Metro Line 1, with 24 stations, entered service on April 28, 2012.


Visa Q&A, Residence Permits

City Facts

History, Location, Culture


Airport, Railway, Taxi, Bus


Mobile phone, Internet, IP Card

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Columns Suzhou Face

This series focuses on individuals who have lived in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province for a while and have a tale that’s worth telling. Age, gender, nationality and race are all unimportant in comparison with what adventures the subject has been up to, the experiences they can recount.

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