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Spring Valley

Xinghai Square, 199 Xinghai Street,SIP
Updated on Jun 5

Le Huo Lin

Suzhou Taihu Lake National Wetland Park, Zhenhu Town, Taihu Avenue, SND
Updated on Jun 5

Located in the east of Taihu Wetland Park, it is a comprehensive camping base. It offers areas for camping, fishing, barbecues and basketball. It will take...

Huashan Hill

near Baimajian Ecological Garden
Updated on Jun 5

Barbecues are popular on Huashan Mountain.  It is near Baimajian Ecological Garden and people can take Bus 333 to get here.

Shihu Scenic Region

near Shangfangshan Forest Park,SND|0512 - 6823 0300
Updated on Jun 5

Located 7 kilometers southwest of Suzhou, the scenic area provides many amusement programs. It offers a barbecue area which has been equiped with more than...

Baimajian Ecological Garden

Longchi Scenic Area, Jianlin Village, Fengqiao Street,SND|400 7777 777
Updated on Jun 5

Located 16 kilometers from downtown, Baimajian Ecological Garden has four scenic areas and two public leisure areas. The garden has rich scenery and cultur...

Tiger Hill Scenic Spot

North end of Huqiu Road|0512-6532 3488
Updated on Apr 17

Su Dongpo, a Northern Song Dynasty poet, once said: “It’s a great pity if one comes to Suzhou without visiting Huqiu (Tiger Hill).” The forested slopes cer...

Tianping Hill

Western suburbs of Suzhou New District|0512-6626 1382
Updated on Apr 17

Tianping Hill, located 14 kilometers west of Suzhou, is one of the favored scenic spots around Mudu water town. The hill’s famous rockeries are thought to ...

Lingyan Hill

near Mudu Town|0512-6626 1310
Updated on Apr 17

Lingyan Hill is 15 kilometers southwest of Suzhou, just beside Mudu Town. The hill is 182 meters tall and covers an area of 1.2 million square meters. The ...

Xishan Scenic Area

Baita Road, Jinting Town
Updated on Apr 16

The Xishan Scenic Area stands across the southern area of Taihu Lake at the Dongshan Scenic Area. Xishan is the largest island on Taihu Lake, and is domina...

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