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Bacheng Yangcheng Lake Resort

Bacheng Town, Kunshan, Suzhou
Updated on Jun 6

Located in the north of Kunshan, Bacheng Yangcheng Lake Resort includes a golf club, fishing center, crab fair and a street with plenty of food vendors. Th...

Qiandeng Town

Qiandeng Town, Kunshan, Suzhou|0512-5747 2152
Updated on Jun 6

Fifteen kilometers south of Kunshan City, Qiandeng Town is a picturesque water town with rich cultural heritage. Now it has been listed as a national 4A sc...

Shiquan Street

Shiquan Street
Updated on May 31

There are many Ming and Qing dynasty-style buildings including characteristic restaurants and craftwork shops. One restaurant is famous for its tasty fish-...

Shilu Pedestrian Shopping Street

Updated on May 31

The revamped street is sprinkled with large musical fountains,towering trees, beautiful neon lights and clean rivers. Shilu Pedestrian Shopping Street has ...

Guanqian Pedestrian Shopping Street

Guanqian Street
Updated on May 31

There are many shopping malls on Guanqian Street. Famous restaurants include Huangtianyuan and Daoxiangcun. Special pastries and plenty of street snacks ar...

Pingjiang Road

Pingjiang Road, Pingjiang District
Updated on May 30

It's a well-protected ancient street in the walled town of Suzhou. Stretching from Ganjiang Road in the south to Baita Road E. in the north, the street is ...

Xumen Gate

105 Shixian Road, Suzhou
Updated on May 24

Located in the southwest of Suzhou Old Town, Xumen Gate leads to Xushan Hill. An old saying goes: “The golden Changmen Gate and silver Xumen Gate” and impl...

Shantang Street

Outside Changmen Gate
Updated on May 24

Stretching over 3.5 kilometers, Shantang Street is a 1,500-year-old street that lines one of Suzhou’s many canals, connecting Changmen Gate and Tiger Hill....

Changmen Gate

Northwest of Suzhou Old Town
Updated on May 24

Changmen Gate was the west gate of Suzhou Old Town, leading the way to Tiger Hill. It was once called “Golden Changmen.” It was ruined during the wars, but...

The Third Phase of Ligongdi

East of the first phase of Ligongdi
Updated on May 9

The third phase of Ligongdi will open this month. It is located on the southeast bank of Jinji Lake, adjacent to the first phase of Ligongdi. The third pha...

Shantang Street

Shantang Street, Jinchang District|0512-6531 8810
Updated on Apr 17

The 1,100-year old Shantang Street represents visitors a typical Chinese water town and an old Suzhou. Visitors can enjoy both beautiful scenes and fantast...

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