New commercial complex to be built in Shilu area

Dec 12, 2017|By Tong Wangyue

A new commercial complex will be built in Shilu commercial area, according to the city's urban planning authority. Close to Metro Line 2's Shilu Station, Suzhou Huamao ...

Suzhou to host 2018 global AI product applications expo

Dec 12, 2017|By Tong Wangyue

The 2018 Global Artificial Intelligence (AI) Product Application Expo will be held at Suzhou International Expo Center from May 10 to 12 to demonstrate latest ...

Suzhou speed skating athlete qualified for Winter Olympic Games

Dec 11, 2017|By Tong Wangyue

Suzhou athlete Guo Dan won the silver medal for Women's Mass Start Classics yesterday at the 2017-18 Speed Skating World Cup held in the United States. Guo won the ...

Suzhou Industrial Park's upgraded digital system issues an illegal parking ticket in 30 seconds

Dec 11, 2017|By Tong Wangyue

The urban management authority of the Suzhou Industrial Park has upgraded its digital urban management system to improve the efficiency of law enforcement. Urban ...

Suzhou adopts regulations to protect its ancient city walls

Dec 8, 2017|By Tong Wangyue

Suzhou's draft regulations on preserving its 2,500-year-old ancient city walls will be implemented next year after it is approved by the People's Congress Standing ...

Three side roads in Suzhou named scenic byways in Jiangsu Province

Dec 8, 2017|By Tong Wangyue

The side roads at Taihu Lake (the Suzhou New District section), Jinji Lake and along the Ancient Moat in Suzhou were elected recently as scenic byways in Jiangsu ...

Precious cultural relics from Jingzhou on show in city

Dec 7, 2017|By Tong Wangyue

An exhibition opened on November 28 at Suzhou Silk Museum to showcase over 80 cultural relics including bronze mirrors, combs lacquer wares and silk products from ...

Suzhou launches an offshore entrepreneurship and innovation alliance

Dec 7, 2017|By Tong Wangyue

The Suzhou Offshore Entrepreneurship and Innovation Alliance was launched yesterday to promote the innovative development of Suzhou by integrating global science, ...

Suzhou to build a new film-themed amusement park

Dec 6, 2017|By Tong Wangyue

A new amusement park featuring film stories will open to the public in the Suzhou Industrial Park next year. The Huayi Brothers Film Studios and Resorts will cover ...

Ancient town and UNESCO organization join hands to boost innovation development

Dec 6, 2017|By Tong Wangyue

World Federation of UNESCO Associations signed a cooperation agreement with Lili Ancient Town in Wujiang District yesterday to build a UNESCO Innovation Town. Next, the ...

Suzhou platform to open government data resources to the public

Dec 5, 2017|By Tong Wangyue

Suzhou's new integrated data platform which opens government data resources to the public for free has been put on trial recently. The platform will open 138 datasets ...

Suzhou achievements come into the limelight at World Internet Conference

Dec 5, 2017|By Tong Wangyue

Latest achievements of Suzhou's enterprises have drawn much attention during the 4th World Internet Conference held in Wuzhen recently. Hengtong Optic Electric Co Ltd ...

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