Commercial facilities mushroom in Suzhou

Apr 25, 2017|By Tong Wangyue

Large and medium-sized commercial real estate projects, each over 5,000 square meters in space, totaled 12.8 million square meters in Suzhou, according to a report ...

Suzhou leads most Chinese cities in patent application

Apr 25, 2017|By Tong Wangyue

Suzhou ranked 4th in China in both patent applications and patent number in 2016 for three years running, the local intellectual property bureau said ahead of World ...

Lakeside garden a riot of color with 800,000 lilies

Apr 24, 2017|By Tong Wangyue

The 2017 Taihu Lake Lily Festival opened in the Horticultural Expo Garden on Saturday. Some 800,000 lilies in about 110 varieties, all imported from the Netherlands, are ...

City seeks lead role in ecosystem restoration

Apr 24, 2017|By Tong Wangyue

Suzhou aims to become a national model in ecosystem restoration before the end of 2020 as it launched the so-called "630" program recently. A total of 81.1 billion yuan ...

Suzhou among top 10 mainland cities favored by expats

Apr 21, 2017|By Tong Wangyue

China's 10 most attractive cities for foreign workers were announced by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs at the 15th Conference on International ...

Creative industry expo held at 11 venues in Suzhou

Apr 21, 2017|By Tong Wangyue

The 6th China (Suzhou) Cultural & Creative Industries Expo opened today, covering 40,000 square meters of floor space at the Suzhou International Expo Center. The ...

Lightweight SUV powered by battery

Apr 20, 2017|By Tong Wangyue

An electric SUV made by Autek Co Ltd in Suzhou Industrial Park draws a lot of attention at the ongoing Shanghai Auto Show. The vehicle body is made of aluminum alloy for ...

Facial recognition tested for train boarding

Apr 20, 2017|By Tong Wangyue

Suzhou Train Station will adopt facial recognition technology for ticket check, a quicker option for passengers. The technology is already in trial use with scanners ...

Scenic spots offer discounts during tourism festival

Apr 19, 2017|By Tong Wangyue

The 20th Suzhou International Tourism Festival will kick off on Saturday at Panmen Square. The festival will run through the end of December. This year's festival will ...

City inks partnership with Ali Sports

Apr 19, 2017|By Tong Wangyue

The Suzhou government signed an agreement with Ali Sports yesterday for strategic cooperation to make Suzhou a national model in sports and a major host of international ...

Four levels of 'river chiefs' to ensure water improvement

Apr 18, 2017|By Tong Wangyue

Suzhou will beef up the "river chief" system in an effort to clean up filthy rivers and protect water sources from pollutions, according to a government plan released ...

Local industry posts biggest quarterly growth in 5 years

Apr 18, 2017|By Tong Wangyue

Suzhou's economy developed smoothly in the first quarter. Large and medium-sized industrial companies registered the fastest output growth in five years, up 7.4 percent ...

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