Special taxi service for entrance exam takers

May 23, 2017|By Tong Wangyue

Two volunteer teams, made up of 36 cabbies of Suzhou Taxi Company, pledged to send students to their National College Entrance Examination grounds next month. Students ...

Family physician program covers 650,000 homes in Suzhou

May 23, 2017|By Tong Wangyue

About 650,000 households in Suzhou have signed contracts to join the family physician program and receive convenient medical care provided by general practitioners at ...

Souvenir of Jiangsu Development Summit

May 22, 2017|By Tong Wangyue

A commemorative first-day cover for the 2017 Jiangsu Development Summit was issued by the Jiangsu Provincial Post Bureau on Saturday. The stamped envelope is designed by ...

Art show pays tribute to Liu Yazi

May 22, 2017|By Tong Wangyue

A commemorative event was held in Lili Town, Suzhou, on Saturday to mark the 130th birthday of Chinese poet and political activist Liu Yazi and the 110 anniversary of ...

Suzhou reports 7.8% rise in income of rural residents

May 19, 2017|By Tong Wangyue

Suzhou's per capita disposable income of rural residents hit 10,935 yuan (US$1,587) in the first quarter of 2017, up 7.8 percent year-on-year. Their per capita living ...

Income of urban residents up 8% in first quarter

May 19, 2017|By Tong Wangyue

The per capita disposable income of Suzhou urban residents grew steadily in the first quarter to 17,339 yuan (US$2,516), 8 percent more than a year earlier and the ...

Business leaders convene in Kunshan to pool ideas

May 18, 2017|By Tong Wangyue

The 6th World Business Leaders (Kunshan) Conference was held yesterday, hosted by the China Chamber of International Commerce. The conference offered a platform for ...

Electric supercar a star attraction at eMEX

May 18, 2017|By Tong Wangyue

Qiantu, a Suzhou-made electric supercar, draws a lot of attention at the ongoing 16th eMEX trade show at Suzhou International Expo Center. The car has a top speed of ...

Beauty of Yangtze Delta reflected in oil works

May 17, 2017|By Tong Wangyue

The 2017 Yangtze Delta Oil Painting Exhibition will be held at Suzhou Art Museum from May 23 to June 23. The sponsors are the China Oil Painting Society, the Jiangsu ...

Suzhou-Europe rail services expand 133% in first quarter

May 17, 2017|By Tong Wangyue

In the first four months, 58 international freight trains left Suzhou for Europe, carrying goods worth US$441 million, up 133 percent year-on-year. Meanwhile, four ...

Song brocade fashion show at Suzhou Museum

May 16, 2017|By Tong Wangyue

Suzhou Museum is holding an exhibition of Song brocade works made by Wu Jianhua and other artists. The 1,000 brocade pieces include scarves, handbags, tapestries and car ...

City cuts coal consumption by 272,000 tons in first quarter

May 16, 2017|By Tong Wangyue

"Project 263" launched five months ago across Jiangsu Province has made progress in Suzhou. The project sets emission reduction and environmental improvement targets for ...

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