New rules for Suzhou Metro to be enforced next month

Mar 15, 2012|By Pan Zheng

PASSENGERS of Suzhou Metro Lines should not smoke, eat or lie down in the train, according to the Rules of Suzhou Metro Line Passengers published by Suzhou ...

Releasing fish larvae to improve water quality in Taihu Lake

Mar 8, 2012|By Tom Qian

TENS of thousands of fish larvae were released into Taihu Lake yesterday to improve water quality and the environment. "My kid released fish larvae into the lake and ...

Suzhou firm becomes only major synthetic bear bile supplier

Mar 6, 2012|By Tom Qian

A SUZHOU-based pharmaceutical company has become the only major supplier of the active ingredient of bear bile in China so far. Suzhou Tianlu Bio-pharmaceutical Co Ltd ...

Top artists' works converge at annual exhibition

Mar 1, 2012|By Li Jiaohao

THE 2011 Suzhou Painting & Sculpture Annual Exhibition opened in Yucun Art Museum on February 28. Apart from huge numbers of exhibitors and different types of artwork, ...

Portable emergency toilets offer relief to Suzhou cabbies

Mar 1, 2012|By Li Jiaohao

NEARLY 9,000 taxi drivers in Suzhou received free portable emergency toilets on February 27 – which may bring some relief to drivers who always hear nature's call on the ...

Last week's home sales rebound may not last

Feb 23, 2012|By Li Jiaohao

THE sales of houses in Suzhou rebounded last week, but whether it can last long or not remains to be seen. Last week home sales climbed 60.4 percent from a week before ...

City ready to start daily air quality broadcasts in June

Feb 22, 2012|By Pan Zheng

A Suzhou netizen who recently published a microblog claiming that the PM2.5 inside a bullet train was exceptionally high, has attracted wide public attention as Suzhou ...

New Year bell-ringing washes away old sins, ushers in good luck

Dec 31, 2011|By Qian Tong

The 33rd annual bell-ringing ceremony at the temple will be held tonight. Striking a temple bell 108 times starting as the year turns at midnight is said to absolve one ...

Cleaners paddle on picturesque rivers

Dec 29, 2011

A river cleaner paddles a boat while cleaning garbage from a river along Pingjiang Road in downtown Suzhou recently. There are 210 kilometers of rivers in the downtown ...

Public bikes to start operation from New Year

Dec 29, 2011|By Tom Qian

To ensure getting around is much easier in the New Year, a brand new bike-sharing program will become operational in Suzhou Industrial Park. As the first phase of the ...

Suzhou grabs title of Most Creative City

Dec 29, 2011|By Tom Qian

Suzhou was awarded the title of "Top 10 Creative Cities in China" on December 28. Its satellite city, Wujiang, was voted the "Most Innovative City" and Kunshan, another ...

Disney hotel to be lucky '8'

Jan 1, 1900|By Cai Wenjun

Shanghai Disneyland will have a hotel in the shape of a flat "8," which is an auspicious figure that means prosperity, wealth, and success in China, according to an ...

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