Walking along the canals or popping into the side alleys will make you feel like you’re transported back through the city’s 2,500-year history. Beyond the walled historic town, at the SIP, are some of the world’s most modern factories and high technology, the largest outdoor screen in the world and futuristic piers – all abuzz with nightlife. Discover plant beauties in the hilly western outskirts of Shu Shan and Wang Shan, hike around the Tai Lake peninsula villages of Xi Shan and Dong Shan, and explore imperial mysteries at Tiger Hill.

Garden Travel

Updated on Mar 18, 2015

Suzhou, a city famous for its decorative landscaping, provides a perfect setting to ...

Travel by boat

Updated on Mar 18, 2015

Suzhou is second to none as when it comes to the oriental water town's status as a water ...

Cycling with bells jingling down lanes

Updated on Mar 18, 2015

Back on land the best way to explore Suzhou is to get on a bicycle and pedal down the ...

One night in Suzhou

Updated on Mar 18, 2015

Once night falls, a diverse facet of Suzhou beauty is illuminated under the city lights, ...

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Places to go
Suzhou Ballad Museum

No.3 Zhangjia Lane, Pingjiang Road|0512 6727 0103

Suzhou Ballad, also known as Suzhou Pingtan, is a traditional art form popular in Suzhou and surrounding areas. A museum dedicated to this a...

Chongyuan Temple

Lianhua Road, Weiting Town, Suzhou Industrial Park|0512-6289 0880

Originally named Chongxuan Temple and constructed in the second year of the reign of Tianjian of Emperor Liangwudi in 503 AD, Chongyuan Temp...

Mandarin on a Tour

ADD: Office 1902A, Sovereign Building, No.8 Suhua Road, SIP|13401191027

Hi guys, Have you ever thought of Mandarin on a Tour? Well this is a big time fun based on a big time scientific fact. The idea is to help ...

Wangshan Village

Wangshan Village, Wuzhong District

Suzhou has 37,000 grassroots Party organizations and more than 510,000 Party members. Village Party groups are the basic units of the Commun...

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Suzhou Metro Line 1, with 24 stations, entered service on April 28, 2012.


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Columns Suzhou Face

This series focuses on individuals who have lived in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province for a while and have a tale that’s worth telling. Age, gender, nationality and race are all unimportant in comparison with what adventures the subject has been up to, the experiences they can recount.

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