Suzhou Dushu Lake Theater

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555 Xinghu Street, SIP
0512-6292 3000
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Suzhou Dushu Lake Theatre is very popular among college students. The theater targets college students with affordable ticket prices. Around the theater there are libraries and sports facilities.

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Children's New Year Concert

Dec 30 - Dec 30 | Suzhou Dushu Lake Theater | 80-380 yuan

The concert will feature the classic piano works and music from well-known animations such as Coco, Peppa Pig and the Smurfs.

‘Game of Thrones’ New Year's Concert

Dec 30 - Dec 30 | Suzhou Dushu Lake Theater | 80-380 yuan

N-STAR will present the original soundtracks of popular films and TV series, such as “Game of Thrones,” “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “La La Land,” and songs in the well-known musical “Cats.”

New Year's Concert by Austrian Symphony Orchestra

Dec 26 - Dec 26 | Suzhou Dushu Lake Theater | 100-680 yuan

The orchestra from Vienna will present classic works created by the Strauss family, Mozart and other great composers under the baton of famous conductor Eugeniy Chevkenov.

'Swan Lake’ by Russian State Ballet

Dec 25 - Dec 25 | Suzhou Dushu Lake Theater | 80-880 yuan

"Swan Lake” was composed by Pyotr Tchaikovsky (1840–1893) based on a Russian folk tale and it was made into a four-act ballet by Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow in 1877. The ballet tells the story of Princess Odette who was turned into a swan by ...

New Year’s Concert by National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine

Dec 24 - Dec 24 | Suzhou Dushu Lake Theater | 100-680 yuan

Founded in 1918 as Ukrainian State Symphony Orchestra, National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine is one of the principal orchestras of Ukraine. Nathan Rachlin conducted the orchestra from 1937 until 1962.

Piano Recital by Werner Baertschi

Dec 14 - Dec 14 | Suzhou Dushu Lake Theater | 180-360 yuan

Werner Bartschi is a world-famous virtuoso classical pianist from Zurich, Switzerland. Bartschi is widely acclaimed for the extraordinary range of music he embraces and interprets from the Renaissance period to the modern.

Concert by Paris Polysons Choir

Oct 27 - Oct 27 | Suzhou Dushu Lake Theater | 80-580 yuan

Paris Polysons Choir is a children’s choir founded in 1994 in Paris, France. Its members are children aged 7 to 15. The choir has performed at many prestigious venues such as Cathédrale Saint-Denis and the Municipal Hall of Paris.

Concert of Beethoven’s Sonatas

Oct 13 - Oct 13 | Suzhou Dushu Lake Theater | 50-380 yuan

The concert will feature Beethoven’s classic works given by the violin-piano duet. Beethoven sonatas no 4, 5 and 9 will be presented by renowned violinist George Hlawiczka and pianist Theodosia Ntokou.

Concert “the Sound of Music” by Salzburg Children's Choir

Aug 18 - Aug 18 | Suzhou Dushu Lake Theater | 80-480 yuan

The well-known musical “the Sound of Music” with music by Richard Rodgers will be presented with full passion and vigor by Austria’s Salzburg Children’s Choir established in 1966.

Concert Themed in Love

Aug 17 - Aug 17 | Suzhou Dushu Lake Theater | 80-380 yuan

The concert will be presented by Music Fans Classical to celebrate the Chinese Valentine’s Day. A number of well-known songs and music themed in love will be presented.

Children’s Acrobatic Play “Ugly Duckling”

Aug 5 - Aug 5 | Suzhou Dushu Lake Theater | 50-280 yuan

An innovative acrobatic play joined with magic and fancy music to tell a new version of “Ugly Duckling,” a story told many times about a duckling growing up to be a beautiful swan after much difficulty. Zhejiang Folk Art and Acrobatics Gene...

My Song--Sophie Zelmani

Jun 16 - Jun 16 | Suzhou Dushu Lake Theater | 100-380 yuan

While her name might be unfamiliar to many, Swedish singer and music producer Sophie Zelmani’s songs have been interpreted by plenty of Chinese singers. Her highly distinctive voice, gripping and soothing, sounds like talking gently to the ...

Dance Drama Opera Warrior

Jun 5 - Jun 5 | Suzhou Dushu Lake Theater | 70-580 yuan

A grand original dance drama performed by Huajin Dance Drama Ensemble brings to the audience a feast of visual art featuring folk and national culture. The opera has been staged over 200 times and won high comments in Canada, Australia, s R...

Dance drama ‘Opera Warriors’

Nov 3 - Nov 3 | Suzhou Dushu Lake Theater | 100 – 580 yuan

The dance drama tells about the love, courage and struggle of a group of opera artists in north China during the early decades of the 20th century. The award-winning drama has five acts and a strong production team, including renowned Hong ...

Chinese musical‘Cats’for children

May 28 - May 28 | Suzhou Dushu Lake Theater |

The Chinese musical is adapted from the Broadway masterpiece “Cats” with music composed by Andrew Webber. The production team has many members from “Mama Mia” and “Cats” and they try to present the musical in a different style to entertain ...

Drama ‘Cinderella’

May 30 - May 30 | Suzhou Dushu Lake Theater | 60-200 yuan

The play is about a poor girl adopted by a rich family and used as a maid. One day, she attracts the attention of a handsome prince at a royal ball and runs away for fear of disclosing her true identity. But the prince later finds her with ...

‘Hamlet’ by TNT Theater

Dec 11 - Dec 11 | Suzhou Dushu Lake Theater | 100-280 yuan

‘Hamlet’ is one of the greatest stage plays in the world. Prince Hamlet’s problems, though found in Shakespeare’s time, are relevant to today’s audience. Hamlet’s famous soliloquy “To be or not to be” will be portrayed by TNT Theater from B...

Drama about Shaolin monks

Apr 28 - Apr 28 | Suzhou Dushu Lake Theater | 80-380 yuan

"The Soul of Shaolin Martial Arts" tells the story of Hui Guang, an orphan who lost his mother during the war and grew up in the Shaolin Temple. Later, he is reunited with his mother. The drama is full of touching scenes as well as the sple...

Prize-winning film ‘Return Tickets’

Mar 18 - Mar 18 | Suzhou Dushu Lake Theater | 20 yuan

“Return Tickets,” winner of 2011 Golden Horse Awards for Best Supporting Actress and Best Original Screenplay, will be shown at the Dushu Lake Theatre on March 18. The film is about the stories of some female migrants from Anhui Province wh...

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