Wenshan Temple

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No. 30-1, Wenchengxiang Lane, Taohuawu Street, Jinchang District, Suzhou
0512 - 6727 6971
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Wenshan Temple is the only nunnery in Suzhou with a history of more than 800 years. With Taohuawu behind it and Suzhou downtown lying ahead, the Southern Song Dynasty (420-589 AD) nunnery also combines Wenshan Temple, Chaoyin Temple and Yunlin Temple. The temple was changed into Bhikkuni Bodhimanda in 1958 and opened to the public in 1990, becoming the only Bodhimanda – place of enlightenment – for Buddhist nuns and a Buddhist tourist resort in Suzhou.

The 2,200-square-meter temple complex is well laid out with magnificent palaces and sacred figures of Buddha. A statue of Sakyamuni and the Holy Triad of the West stands in Mahavira Palace, while a jade statue of Guan Yin draws visitors to Jingye Hall. The Taisho Tripitaka, a definitive text on Chinese Buddhist law, is kept in the Depository of Buddhist Texts.

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