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1 Guanfeng Street, SIP
(0512) 6289-9839
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Suzhou Jinji Lake Art Museum is a non-profit modern art museum on the second floor of the Suzhou Culture and Arts Center. Many national and international exhibitions and artistic events have been held here since the museum opened in May 2012. It has a show area of 1,500 square meters.

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Exhibition ‘Future of Today’

Sep 16 - Dec 9 | Jinji Lake Art Museum | free

The exhibition invites 10 groups of new media artists to offer new explanations of the world, history and social value.

Art museum opens doors to exhibition of sculptures

Sep 9 - Nov 26 | Jinji Lake Art Museum |

An exhibition of Chinese sculptors' works opened at Suzhou Jinji Lake Art Museum on September 9. The “Knock the Mountain and Awaken the Tiger” exhibition is part of this year’s Jinji Lake Art Festival. It showcases 27 groups of sculpture...

Peter Gentenaar’s Solo Exhibition

Apr 29 - Jun 11 | Jinji Lake Art Museum |

Peter Gentenaar is an extraordinary Dutch printmaker who is good at making delicate paper sculptures. More than 100 of Peter Gentenaar’s ethereal paper sculptures are on permanent display in the Abbey church of Saint-Riquier in France. ...

New-Eden exhibition shows modern art

Dec 17 - Mar 5 | Jinji Lake Art Museum |

A 78-day exhibition named Neo-Eden kicked off on December 17 at Suzhou Jinji Lake Art Museum to showcase the representative artworks created by 28 young Chinese, Japanese and Korean artists. It offers local citizens an opportunity to apprec...

Artworks Inspired by ‘Peony Pavilion’

Jun 11 - Sep 11 | Jinji Lake Art Museum | Free

Kunqu, an art form older than Peking Opera, is popular in Suzhou and surrounding areas. The Suzhou-dialect opera is best enjoyed in “The Peony Pavilion,” adapted from a drama written by Tang Xianzu 400 years ago. The opera has inspired many...

'Artificial Fairyland’ in the eyes of Chinese, Korean artists

Dec 28 - Feb 29 | Jinji Lake Art Museum |

The notion of fairyland existed long before Taoism was born. The works of five South Korean artists and their 14 Chinese colleagues attempt to visualize the imagined paradise through their joint exhibition “Artificial Fairyland.”

Works of Salvador Dali on exhibit

Sep 19 - Nov 8 | Jinji Lake Art Museum | 60 yuan

Suzhou Jinji Lake Art Museum and Qu Art Brussels joined hands to hold an exhibition of Salvador Dali’s 200 original works. It is probably the biggest show of the Spanish surrealist painter’s works. Some paintings are items the Salvador Dali...

‘1+N’ Printmaking Exhibition

Dec 23 - Mar 12 | Jinji Lake Art Museum | Free

The exhibition features the works of students and teachers of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, China Academy of Art in Hangzhou and Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, as well as printmaking artists in Suzhou. Famous Suzhou artist Gu Zh...

Selfunself—Dutch Contemporary Design Exhibition

Sep 13 - Dec 12 | Jinji Lake Art Museum | Free

The theme of “selfunself” was originated from the graduation exhibition of Eindhoven Design Academy in 2013, and soon it has become a popular theme among Dutch designers. The exhibition in Suzhou will display 18 groups of works created by 2...

Beyond G(l)aze, a show of Chinese and Norwegian Ceramics

Jun 3 - Aug 23 | Jinji Lake Art Museum | Free

The exhibition displays 34 ceramic pieces created by 15 Chinese and Norwegian artists who express their imagination and perception through glazed works. It is a visual dialogue between ceramic artists in two different countries.

Made in England: John Atkin and his students

Dec 24 - Feb 26 | Jinji Lake Art Museum | Free

Organized by the British Cultural Committee, the exhibition will display paintings, sculptures, devices and movies created by British artist John Atkin and his students and show their directions of artistic development.

Katja Schenker’s solo show

Aug 25 - Nov 24 | Jinji Lake Art Museum | free

Swiss artist Katja Schenker is showing her paintings, photographs and videos of performance art at Jinji Lake Art Museum. Her works reflect the perceptions and challenges of female artists in Switzerland. The show provides valuable experien...

Singaporean Contemporary Art @ Singapore Cultural Week

May 10 - Aug 18 | Jinji Lake Art Museum | free

As a major event of the Singapore Art Festival to celebrate the 19th anniversary of the China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park, contemporary works by Singaporean artists are on exhibit at the Jinji Lake Art Museum to show the creativity of ...

The Young Generation’s Visual Rhetoric

Mar 3 - Mar 12 | Jinji Lake Art Museum | Free

This exhibition features artistic works by many of China's top young artists. It epitomizes the young generation’s lives that have been shaped by modern technology and expresses their reflections on such a lifestyle. The most distinct featu...

Contrast — Inheritance & Development

Jan 5 - Feb 24 | Jinji Lake Art Museum | Free

The Chinese contemporary art scene is currently confronted with the mammoth task of redefining itself amid a cacophony of foreign influences, while bridging the gap between the country’s unique artistic heritage and modern art. Many artists...

José de Guimaraes Solo Exhibition

Sep 23 - Nov 21 | Jinji Lake Art Museum |

Through the exploration and interpretation of symbols, José de Guimaraes explores the interaction between cities and citizens with his visual art.
The exhibition, held at the Suzhou Jinji Lake Art Museum, presents works that cover two pe...

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