Wangshan Village

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Wangshan Village, Wuzhong District
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Suzhou has 37,000 grassroots Party organizations and more than 510,000 Party members. Village Party groups are the basic units of the Communist Party of China in rural areas. Wangshan Village in Wuzhong District is a fine example of the Party’s leadership at the village level.

In recent years, the Party committee of Wangshan Village led its members to play a leading role in economic development and strive to achieve prosperity for all in the village, which lies southwest of the city area with forests covering half of its 7 square kilometers of land.
It has 2,410 people in 540 families and their per capita disposable income was 27,725 yuan last year, triple the national average.

Wangshan Village has good experience in Party building, which boils down to five aspects:

First, having a strong leadership through direct election in the village.

Second, finding good ways to boost the incomes of collectives and individuals.

Third, upholding Party disciplines to root out corruption and encourage criticism.

Fourth, building close ties with people by running a 10 million-yuan service center.

Fifth, improving the welfare of villagers by giving them pension and medical insurances, free phone service, free newspapers, and relief money if they suffer serious diseases.

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