Suzhou Poly Grand Theatre

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1 Dongyuan Road, Wuzhong District
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Suzhou Poly Grand Theatre at 1 Dongyuan Road, Wuzhong District, is the first Poly theatre in the city and the 52nd in China.

The theatre has a 1,000-seat opera hall, a 400-seat small theatre, a 300-seat multimedia auditorium and seven meeting rooms to meet different needs. The building is going to be a new landmark of Suzhou.

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Related events
Concert of Feifan Folk Music Ensemble

Sep 7 - Sep 7 | Suzhou Poly Grand Theatre | 50-100 yuan

Feifan Folk Music Ensemble will present instrumental folk music with elements of Silk Road countries from India to Spain.

Piano Recital by Helen Lin

Aug 29 - Aug 29 | Suzhou Poly Grand Theatre | 80-580 yuan

Helen Lin is a celebrated Taiwanese pianist-composer and teaches at the Alvernia College in the US and Tsing Hua University in Taiwan.

Viola Recital by Brett Deubner

Aug 25 - Aug 25 | Suzhou Poly Grand Theatre | 50-100 yuan

Brett Deubner is one of the most accomplished violinists of his generation and one of the world’s best viola players. He is now viola professor at the Queens College of New York City.

Concert by Le Choeur Des Polysons

Aug 20 - Aug 20 | Suzhou Poly Grand Theatre | 80-380 yuan

Le Choeur Des Polysons is a children’s choir founded in 1994 in Paris, France. Its members are children aged 7 to 15. The choir has performed at many prestigious venues such as Cathédrale Saint-Denis and the Municipal Hall of Paris.

Baden-Württemberg State Wind Orchestra

Aug 18 - Aug 18 | Suzhou Poly Grand Theatre | 80-380 yuan

The famous German wind orchestra will give a concert at Suzhou Poly Grand Theater on August 18 under the baton of Tony Scholl.

Austro-Hungarian Haydn Orchestra

Jun 8 - Jun 8 | Suzhou Poly Grand Theatre | 80-580 yuan

The famous Austro-Hungarian Haydn Orchestra, founded by Adam Fischer in 1987, will interpret Joseph Haydn’s “Cellokonzert No. 2 D-Dur” and “Symphony No. 88 in G” and Franz Schubert’s “Symphonie No. 5 B-Dur D485.”

Piano Recital by Cheng Wai

Jun 5 - Jun 5 | Suzhou Poly Grand Theatre | 50-100 yuan

Cheng Wai is a Hong Kong classical pianist and the winner of the Hong Kong Young Music Performer Award of the International Year of Youth and the Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award in 2009. She will present works of Beethoven, Chopin, Zhou...

‘Alice’s Adventure in the Land of Music’

Jun 2 - Jun 2 | Suzhou Poly Grand Theatre | 80-280 yuan

Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s “Alice's Adventures in Wonderland”, the concert is intended for children and let them follow Alice’s dreams in classic, folk and pop music.

Cello Artists from Vienna Philharmonic

May 29 - May 29 | Suzhou Poly Grand Theatre | 80-380 yuan

A cello ensemble with members from the Vienna Philharmonic will perform in Suzhou this month. They include internationally-acclaimed artists Gerhard Kaufmann, Sebastian Bru, Milan Karanovic, Bernhard Naoki Hedenborg, Florian Eggner and Joan...

‘Trinity’ by Jin Xing Dance Theatre

May 27 - May 27 | Suzhou Poly Grand Theatre | 180-680 yuan

Jin Xing Dance Theatre will present modern dance “Trinity” which has three parts called “Space,” “Echo” and “Caged Birds.” The dance was choreographed by two foreign dancers.

Dance ‘Thousand-Hand Bodhisattva’

May 23 - May 23 | Suzhou Poly Grand Theatre | 80-580 yuan

The gala dance tries to show the grace and benevolence Bodhisattva, known as Guanyin in Chinese. The Buddhist god has great compassion for people in suffering and gives them help and hope to overcome misfortunes.

Concert of Beijing Symphony Orchestra

May 21 - May 21 | Suzhou Poly Grand Theatre | 80-380 yuan

The Beijing Symphony Orchestra, dubbed “the pearl of the Chinese capital,” will treat the audience to a splendid night of symphonic music under the baton of Tan Lihua.

Children’s Drama ‘The Andersen Code’

May 19 - May 20 | Suzhou Poly Grand Theatre | 50-280 yuan

The drama tells the adventure of a girl named Xiao Duo who gets lost in a fairyland one day. Thanks to two books and a black cat, Xiao Duo makes new friends in the fairyland. The drama has amazing 3D effects.

Mongolian Music Concert: ‘Homeland’

May 14 - May 14 | Suzhou Poly Grand Theatre | 80-380 yuan

Anda Union is a music group dedicated to preserving Mongolian folk music and songs. Their throat singing and long songs and instrumental music are full of Mongolian characteristics.

St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra

May 11 - May 11 | Suzhou Poly Grand Theatre | 180-1180 yuan

The famous St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra with a history of 86 years, will perform Glinka’s Overture to “Ruslan and Lyudmila”, Shostakovich’s “Symphony No. 9 in E-flat major, Op. 70” and Rachmaninoff’s “Symphony No. 2 in E minor, Op. 27”...

Concert by Musicians from Silk Road countries

May 5 - May 5 | Suzhou Poly Grand Theatre | 50-100 yuan

Wu Man, a renowned Chinese pipa player and composer, will perform with artists from Central Asia, including dutar player Sirojiddin Juraev and komuz player Askat Jetigen Uulu. Their concert will feature traditional Chinese music and central...

Cello Recital by Les Violoncelles Fran?ais

May 3 - May 3 | Suzhou Poly Grand Theatre | 80-380 yuan

Eight eminent French cello players – Emmanuelle Bertrand, Eric-Maria Couturier, Emmanuel Gaugué, Xavier Pidoux, Rapha?le Pidoux, Nadine Pierre and Fran?ois Salque – will entertain the Chinese audience with Rossini’s overture to “The Barber ...

State Dance Ensemble of Belarus

Apr 30 - Apr 30 | Suzhou Poly Grand Theatre | 180 yuan

The State Dance Ensemble of Belarus, founded 50 years ago, is a leading dance troupe in the country. Its performance combines symphony, dance and chorus. The Belarusian artists will perform at the 2nd Taihu Lake International Music Festival...

Contemporary Dance “Echo”

Apr 30 - Apr 30 | Suzhou Poly Grand Theatre | 80-280 yuan

FJK Dance, a contemporary dance company founded by Fadi J. Khoury and Sevin Ceviker in 2014, will present “Echo” to Suzhou audience. The dance is inspired by Dabke, an Arab folk dance popular in Lebanon and Syria, with a fusion of ballroom ...

Li Shuanghan’s Piano Recital

Apr 15 - Apr 15 | Suzhou Poly Grand Theatre | 180-380 yuan

Li Shuangnan is an outstanding Chinese pianist who has won international prizes in piano contests in Austria and Italy.

Dance Drama ‘Crested Ibises’

Apr 8 - Apr 8 | Suzhou Poly Grand Theatre | 80-580 yuan

Based on the true story of an international group of wildlife protectors to save the endangered Crested Ibis, the ballet combines Chinese dance with ballet and modern dance to inspire people to protect the habitat of this beautiful bird.

Piano Recital by Richard Uttley

Apr 1 - Apr 1 | Suzhou Poly Grand Theatre | 180 yuan

Richard Utterly is a young pianist born in Bradford and graduated from Clare College Cambridge. A passionate advocate of new music, Richard won the British Contemporary Piano Competition in 2006 and has made several recordings for NMC.

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